Flight Attendant Facts

1.We are required to wear makeup and heels while in the dress uniform.Flats are only to be worn while onboard the aircraft.

2. Yes – marry a Flight Attendant, because what they say is true! We can fly for free to just about anywhere in the world.

3. When the seat belt sign is on, we are forced to tell each individual “The seat belt sign is on.” If we don’t? We can get fired and fined. Guess what? So can you! Thousands of dollars by the FAA.

4. Coffee is our savior when it comes to odors onboard the aircraft. This includes but is not limited to – poop, pee, and puke. (The 3 P’s). Bath and Body works spray doesn’t hurt either!

5. We can fly up to 16 hours in a day before we “time out.”

6. About 90% of the time we have never met our fellow crew members until we arrive at the airport.

7. It is possible to have 17 or more days off in a month and still make the same money as someone who has only 12 days off.

8. FACT! People really don’t know how to work the lavatory door. PUSH actually means stare at door.

9. Passengers don’t know how to work their air vents, arm rests, or reading lights, but they got the Flight Attendant call button down pat!

10. Training is 1 month of multiple tests a day (written & oral), all of which have to be passed with a 90%. Score anything less and you are dismissed permanently.

F/A training – not everyone will survive.


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